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Key Money Lending Focus In 2023

The key things to consider in money lending this year.

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Customer Relationship Management in Money Lending Business

In this video, you’ll learn about customer relations management, customer retention, customer acquisition and referrals

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Money Lending And The Law

Before you start a money lending business, what does the law say about certain aspects?

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Astonishing Reasons of Running Money Lending as a Business

In one way or another, you are or have ever been a money lender, whether knowingly or unknowingly. You could have lent at a profit or interest-free, but either way, you must have faced similar challenges to collect that money from the person you lent it to. It gets worse if you lent that money […]

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How To Protect Your Collateral from Loss Because Of a Loan

Have you ever borrowed money? Or do you intend to borrow money in the near future? There are several considerations you must take especially if you are borrowing the money for consumption purposes. Actually, even if you are borrowing the money for business, this might not be an exception, so long as there is collateral […]

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Contribution of Tax Compliance to Business Growth

In starting a business, tax-related costs are among the least costs you plan or even think about incurring, especially if you start your business informally. The informal running of the business entails you, being the CEO, the finance officer, the operations officer, the accountant, the quality assurance officer, the marketing officer, and any other role […]

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